THICC II Cooler and Performance Information


Cooler and Performance

The THICC II and THICC II Ultra  graphics cards has been one of the most exciting GPU launches in XFX’s history. Since day 1 all version of the THICC II have been designed to perform at maximum performance, and operate within specifications for the parts used in order to ensure many years of stable operation. We stand by this with a 3 year warranty.

We understand every user may have different needs, XFX has offered alternate BIOS options to customize the user experience in performance, noise, and temperature. We offer both high performance/high power and low noise/low power BIOS options. If you currently have a THICC II card, and have not tried the BIOS files that are available, we recommend trying them out. They are located under Downloads and Support on your model’s product page.  

Throughout a product’s life-cycle XFX continually improves and enhances our designs; many changes are minor and are usually related to component availability, manufacturing efficiency, or customer feedback/preference. Recently it has been announced that XFX has improved its GDDR heatsink on some THICC II models. Previous designs all operated well within specification for GDDR, but thanks to community feedback it is somewhere XFX felt it could provide some improvement. These designs have already started shipping, you may already have it.

If you are an early adopter* of the THICC II design and are concerned about the performance and operation of your card’s fans and heatsink, please make a ticket at . We will work with you to make sure you have the best experience with your XFX product possible by ensuring you having the latest firmware, and if necessarily we may provide replacement heatsink.

This only applies to THICC II model graphics cards, THICC III graphics cards at this time have only 1 revision. THICC II and THICC III are different model graphics cards with completely different fan/heatsink configurations. This currently does not apply to RAW II or DD line of graphics cards.
*Early Adopters typically purchased their THICC II Models in August or early September of 2019
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