XFX Magnetic air Easy Swap Fan Technology

A Leap in Fan Tech

The all-new XFX Magnetic Air easy swap fan technology, the first of its kind thermal evolution lets you remove and replace fans instantly. No need for tools, or to even remove your GPU from the PC, just swap it in and out with no effort.

Pop off your fans. So you can pop off in games.

Easy & Instant

The Magnetic Air fan hubs instantly lock into the GPU fan shroud frame with powerful magnets capable of supporting up to 1kg of weight. Once locked in Magnetic Air instantly sends both power and PWM data  to the fans. Fans separation failures are now a thing of the past. Magnetic Air fans not only have improved longevity but provides stable performance for the entire life of the fan.

Phase change TIM

Honeywell PTM7950

Now currently standard on all Magnetic Air models, XFX uses Honeywell PTM7950 Phase Change TIM. With a thermal conductivity of 8.5W/m K and a proven track record of being long-lasting, XFX Magnetic Air cards can go longer without servicing compared to traditional thermal paste.

Options for all PC builds

Arctic White Edition

Our Arctic White edition of Magnetic Air is powered by Radeon GPUs is designed to bring elegance and power to your white gaming builds. The minimalist design is complimented by hard angular edges that exemplifies clean lines and an understated look like no other GPU.

6800 XT

The AMD Radeon™ RX 6800 Series graphics cards power a new generation of competitive and 4K gaming with vivid visuals, and elevated experiences in every game and every frame.

See Merc 319 6800 XT

Meet XFX Magnetic Air Technology


Tool-less Fan Removal

No tools, no screws, no fuss. XFX Magnetic Air allows for extremely quick swapping of fans in a graphics card. Making servicing easy and simple.


Honeywell PTM7950 TIM

Standard on all XFX Magnetic Air models, we have switch to PTM7950 for the TIM. Honeywell PTM7950 has proven to be efficient and long lasting.


Patented Design

XFX’s Magnetic Air technology is the first time magnetic fans have been used on graphics cards.

Magnetic Air Models
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XFX Mercury AMD Radeon RX 7900 XTX Magnetic Air Gaming Graphics Card

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XFX Quicksilver AMD Radeon RX 7900GRE Magnetic Air Gaming Graphics Card Arctic White

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XFX Quicksilver AMD Radeon RX 7800 XT Magnetic Air Gaming Graphics Card Arctic White

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XFX Quicksilver AMD Radeon RX 7800 XT Magnetic Air Gaming Graphics Card